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Entrevista a Bloody Sadism

Bloody Sadism is a one man Slamming Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore band from Tehran, Iran.

Formed by Pooyan Ahmadi in 2014.

The band has released debut studio album by Base Record Production (Label from Spain) in October 2019.

Lyrics theme: Sexual Sadism, Gore and Blood, Drags, Violence

Composer, Arranger, Lyrics, Vocals, All Instrumentals, Drum Programming by Pooyan Ahmadi


1 – What is the origin of BLOODY SADISM?

The origin is the furious and brutality from Tehran, Iran

2- Besides Grind, we find other more obscure references within the Brutal. How was the idea of composing these songs so varied?

I don’t like to compose songs in an album with a same style. It’d be better to compose various styles in the album. Specially when it’s a concept album and you want to explain disparate moods of someone. There is no compulsion to do something but i like to do my own way.

So i mixed the genres together.

3- The fusion of elements (samplers, acoustic guitars, …) bring more density and pain to the album. Were they in the creator’s head or were they emerging in the production?

I think both. Some ideas came suddenly but some others was programmed many years ago.

4 – There are many harmonies in each passage, in each section, how long did the post-production work last?

It took About 4 years for me to find the specific sentences for the songs. I changed them many times to reach the final decision.

5 – How and by whom has cover art been designed?

By an artist whose name is Kian

6 – Are you currently residing in Iran? How is the scene of this genre in the country? From the outside there is the image that this type of music is repudiated, or that they do not have many followers. Is this really so?

Yes I’m living in Iran. There is no official scene in Iran and many people don’t understand these kinds of genres but the situation has been better than last years. I mean the people’s understanding has been better although we have a very long way in this issue

7 – What influences have marked POOYAN AHMADI, both from before facing this album and in its formation.

It’s a general question but in summary, the introversion topics marked POOYAN AHMADI as a metal musician.

8- How old are you? How do you see the future of our society with the current situation that surrounds us?

i was born in 1995, december. I think this situation will be end. Everything has an ending like plague and many other sicknesses. We just have to let it go. If we be upset or something, will anything change? Absolutely not. So we have to take it easy.

9 – And on an artistic level?

Everything will be alright. It just takes some while. I see the good days

10 – Something you want to add so that our readers know more about POOYAN AHMADI?

I wanted to thanks to the people who left me alone during these years and say thanks to the a few people who supported me.

Special thanks to the fans around the world.

Wish you the best.

Cheers !


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